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For many of us, hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc not only on our homes and power but Halloween. (It was nicknamed Frakenstorm after all.) So, let us close our eyes and imagine it is October 31 once more. Deviant ohsostarryeyed wrote an excellent prompt that I feel is very in the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve.

From ohsostarryeyed:
“write about your own death. this could be the funeral; this could be the moment of the end; this could be where you are ex post facto. the catch? nothing more than a very, VERY loose or fluid rhyme scheme; if you go that route, it's going to have to be exceptionally well crafted. no rhymes are preferred. SHORT prose (flash fiction, really) is also allowed.”

All entries are due Thursday, Nov 8th at midnight.

P.S. If anyone doing NaNoWriMo would still like to participate in lit-lash this month but can't find the time, send me a note and we can work something (supah-cool) out.
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November 2, 2012


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